Extreme Backing Tracks is the first of its kind on the world market. Our innovative approach is the only solution for those tired of cheap quality karaoke or "cover version" tracks that only distantly resemble the originals. Whether you are a professional performer or simply looking for impressive professional backing tracks for your Birthday party, our product is sure to satisfy even the pickiest client.

The uniqueness of Extreme Backing Tracks is in that they are full and practically exact reproductions of the original songs, which capture the sound and performances of the originals in a manner that is rarely achieved on the market.

We make entirely new-recorded masters that do not sample any segments of the original tracks being reproduced. Our quality is the result of taking great care in analyzing and accurately re-creating all the sounds and performances with our specially trained synthesis-engineers and highly experienced musicians.

Visit our "Song Catalogue" page and click on a song's title to preview the song of your choice. Then compare our playback with the original record from your CD library and make the judgement yourself.

With Backing Tracks, we introduce another exceptional feature, which was never offered before: "Multitrack Sessions"!

"Multitrack Sessions" are audio "stems" of individual instruments - we give you total control over the mix! Now you can pan, equalize, adjust volumes or add effects to individual instruments to create your own custom mix. Also, " Multitrack Sessions" allow for achieving higher quality transposition (pitch shifting) as you can change the pitch of the playback without degrading the sound of non-pitched instruments like drums, percussion, sound effects, etc.

These unique features make Backing Tracks an extremely powerful professional solution for:

  • Vocalists and instrumentalists looking to showcase their talents on professional demos (pan, equalize, adjust volumes or add effects to individual instruments to create a mix that would best fit your voice or instrument you are showcasing)

  • Musicians seeking to learn songs and practice their chops by playing along with tracks, which sound identical to the original records (simply "solo" the instrument you want to learn or "mute" the instrument you want to replace)

  • Creative Remixers looking for "note & sound" perfect instrument licks.

  • Karaoke Performers looking to enhance their performance by creating their own custom mixes that would suit their voice the best.

Extreme Backing Tracks are fully compatible with most existing multi-track recording software (Protools, Logic Audio, Cubase, Cakewalk, Acid, Wavelab, etc.) and available in 320 kbps MP3 (16bit, 44.1Khz) format. Please visit our "How It Works" section for more detailed information.

We strongly believe that our product will be a great tool to help you achieve all the success your talent deserves. Enjoy!

"Extreme Backing Tracks" production team

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